Turning open plan factory space into offices

Meeting concluded measurements taken time to work out office spacing

Floor plan drawn to scale offices worked out
offices drawn to scale for dry-walling

A 3D drawing is then carried out for ourĀ  client to have a full understanding of exactly what the end product will look like

3D view of partition
3D drawing of office partition for client

Now the magic begins

Open area where office partition to be installed
The starting of grid work for the office partition
Partition grid
Partition grid all up and nearly ready for boarding
Boarding completed
Partition boarding completed skimming completed
Door and window frames fitted

The drywalling is 3.600mt in height with a 1 hour fire rating

All material used is S.A.B.S approved

Ceilings to be installed once air-con , electrician , Telkom and internet all completed

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